Why Kimchi is So Healthful
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Why Kimchi is So Healthful

Korea's best: Kimchi, the most healthful food in the world.

These days, Korea’s kimchi has been tagged as one of the world’s most healthful foods. More and more people are turning to this Korean staple to get the best of its healthful benefits. It wouldn’t come as a surprise then, that Koreans are the healthiest people in the world.

Kimchi is basically Korean. It is part of the Korean culture. All Koreans are aware that they have created a name for themselves when they made kimchi. It is now known around the world.

Most Koreans make it a point of eating this dish made from fermented vegetables such as cabbage or radish, least once a day, while a greater part of the Korean population serve and eat kimchi almost during every meal. Eventually, they got a chance to introduce it to the world when Seoul City hosted the 1988 Olympics.

Kimchi is made by the process of fermentation, whereby the basic vegetable ingredients are napa cabbage, radish, cucumber, green onion or Korean lettuce. Since kimchi is made from a lot of different vegetables and spices, its nutritional value is soaring high. Kimchi is packed with lots of good vitamins and minerals. It is highly dosed with richness of nutrients that are tremendously beneficial to the body.

Kimchi contains a high amount of fiber, making it good for the body’s digestion. It helps maintain a clean and healthy intestine and prevents certain digestive problems such as constipation. Koreans are typically lean because they know the right kind of foods to eat in order for their digestion to become active.

Kimchi in enriched with vitamins, and lots of them, too. Vitamins A and C, minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, phosphate and also protein. Kimchi is a rich source of lactic acid and acetic acid which fight cancer and bad bacteria.

Spices used in making kimchi are red peppers and garlic – these are good for preventing hypertension as they are responsible for lowering the blood cholesterol in the body.

Why do foreigners eat kimchi? Kimchi was first introduced in 1988 during the Seoul Olympics. A lot of foreigners dealt with this seemingly exotic food but when they tasted it, it was good enough for them to keep liking it as they went back home to their own countries. In Japan, many men and women preferred to eat kimchi because they needed a shift in their dietary habits, as eating a lot of red meat caused them health-related troubles. Kimchi is well-known not only in Korea but all over the world as a major disease-fighter.

Due to the different preparation styles in different regions, kimchi has evolved into about a hundred varieties. But basically, its taste is a mix of salty, sweet, sour, spicy and a diverse flavor due to many different flavorings. Its soft texture is due to its fermentation process after salt is added.

Long ago in Korea, kimchi is food for the winter when it is impossible to harvest vegetables and crops. However, at present time and especially since kimchi is readily available in supermarkets, one needs not wait till winter time to get a dose of this highly nutritious, diversely flavored, world’s most healthful food: Kimchi. Jal Meokkesseumnida!

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Comments (8)

Wow, great posting. You seem to know better than me, even though I'm from South Korea. Thanx for the information. I hope whole world knows about this exceptional food.

Thanks. It is my pleasure to promote Kimchi to the world. Aja!

Sounds really good. I am going to put it on my shopping list.

When I stayed in down South before, i had an old Chinese woman neighbor who make very good Kimchi. its really a good appetizer.

I haven't tried kimchi, but I'll have to try and find some. Great job!

EXCELLENT article Christine - wish we could see that here in "Darkest Africa" :-)

Hadn't heard of Kimchi before but it sounds like a very healthy food. thanks

Ranked #69 in Food & Nutrition

I have tried this once and it's a great appetizer and food by itself.