Why Watermelon Is One Of The Best Beneficial Fruits You Can Choose To Eat, Grow Or Buy
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Why Watermelon Is One Of The Best Beneficial Fruits You Can Choose To Eat, Grow Or Buy

Explaining why watermelon is considered to be one of the best summer fruits there is, listing the many health benefits that come from eating this tasty melon. Also contains information about growing and buying and how to help you to know whether your actually picking a ripe melon or not.Eating watermelon not only a good way to beat the summer heat but its also excellent for a healthy life style!

I always find it quite amazing of how when we think of summer, everyone can seemingly relate to watermelons but why? Is it the fact they are water based and are one of the best refreshing fruits the summer has to offer or is there more behind the watermelon than most people know apart from being one of the tastiest, best selling fruit of the summer months.

Watermelons, whether you choose to buy or grow them, are packed with beneficial reasons as to why you should eat them so being the person I am, I have thoroughly researched watermelons and have taken the time to offer some of the best up to date information there is about them.

 The Secret to Buying and Growing Watermelons

Growing a watermelon is relatively easy and is one fruit I will always recommend to both the beginner gardener and children with the two key tips of growing them being, watermelons require good drainage and lots of space. It really is that simple when concerning growing one, however; knowing when to pick them when they are fully ripe, is another story and this would also pertain to buying them as well.

The reason for this is because watermelons do not contain starch that converts to sugar like many other fruits, they don’t continue to ripen once picked and if harvested before they are ripe, they will never reach their peak flavour. In order to make sure you are selecting a ripened melon, check the stem area for a slightly smooth, sunken scar; this indicates that the melon is or was ripe as it is easily pulled from the vine. In contrast, if part of the stem stills adheres to the scar, the melon was picked while it was still green and not ripened fully.

When buying a watermelon, don’t be shy about actually picking it up and taking a sniff of it as a ripened melon should have a deep intense fragrance being omitted. Also a ripe melon should rattle when it is shaken as the seeds within the fruit loosen because it is mature and should create a sort of hollow, thumping sound.

Watermelons come in several different colors, but in all cases the rind should be both firm and smooth, consisting of a yellowish undertone.

Benefits Of Eating Watermelon

There are a great variety of different melons such as Honeydew, Cantaloupes, Crenshaw and Persian and they are all beneficial when consumed but the watermelon is always the best choice as they appear to be more beneficial and nutritious than all others. Providing vitamin A, which is in the form of beta carotene, vitamin C and potassium along with other minerals, watermelon seemingly puts the others in their places as the underdogs when it concerns health benefits.

Many melons varieties, including water melon varieties are also high in Bioflavonoids, carotenoids and other plant pigments that help prevent and protect against cancer and other diseases.

Watermelon also contains lycopene, a carotenoid thought to lower the risk of prostate cancer so definitely a good fruit for men to be eating!

Speaking from experience is it also good for those prone to diabetes because of the natural low sugar content.

Also, watermelon is one fruit that anyone considering losing weight or going on a diet should be eating as they are made up of mostly water and are very low in calories, a 4 ounce serving containing only 30-35 calories!

Last but not least because the flesh of a watermelon is free of strings and other sources of insoluble fibre, it contains pectin, a natural soluble fibre that helps to keep blood cholesterol levels in check.

Upon reading this, if you are now thinking about growing or purchasing watermelons, it would definitely not only be a good choice for the summer heat but the right choice for your health!

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