Water for Health: Importance and Health Benefits of Water
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Water for Health: Importance and Health Benefits of Water

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Not many of us think about water as a ‘food’. Most of us take it for granted. We never think about why is water healthy or how is water healthy? But if you think seriously you will realise that it is one of the world’s healthiest foods. It is natural and it has zero calories. Water moves down through the earth, mixes with natural rainwater and picks up lots of minerals from the soils which are extremely good for our health. This is the best natural liquid that can be found in the earth.

Importance and Health Benefits of Water

Water is the key to our life. No living entity can stay alive without the water. We can be alive without the foods for a longer time than water. But why is water so important? Water is the lifeline for us because our bodies are about 60% of water by weight. Besides this our bodies rely on water very much to perform all the tasks. The bloodstream, other tissues and organs are composed mainly of water. Most of the nutrients move around in our bodies need water. Another major role of water is to flush out toxins from our bodies.

Water plays an important part in body mechanism. It keeps the body hydrated and regulates the body temperature. Water is the lubricant that our bodies need to form the fluids around the joints and also to make the base of saliva. Water plays an important role to regulate the metabolism as well. Recent studies have come up with very interesting results regarding the contribution of water to our health. A study suggests that drinking more water enhance the heart health and people are less likely to die from a heart attack. Another research tells us that drinking water helps to maintain blood pressure and improves the condition of mental health.

A very interesting role that water plays is its role as a thermostat. That means when we feel the heat or we are too hot water helps to shed the heat through sweating. It also helps to retain heat to make us warm.

Minerals in the water are very essential for our health. Fresh natural water contains many minerals including magnesium. Magnesium rich water is good for the heart and it reduces the risk of heart disease. Pure, natural water contains magnesium, calcium and many other important minerals but it does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrate or fiber.

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Comments (5)

Most of us underestimate the importance of simple water.

Ranked #69 in Food & Nutrition

I couldn't agree more on this. Water is definitely our lifeline and it is quite alarming considering the expanding rate of pollution and how much we could save of it.

Ranked #75 in Food & Nutrition

An interesting and informative discussion on the supreme significance of water

Water is very important that is why I drink plenty of water everyday. Thanks for sharing.

the human body is made up almost entirely of water so the best way to keep the body healthy is through sufficient water in take..nice post my friend..