Types Of Apples and Their Uses
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Types Of Apples and Their Uses

There are many types of apples with different flavors and purposes. Knowing what type of apples to use for what is important because some you might not want too eat raw.

Apples are healthy fresh crisp fruits with potent nutrients that are good for our bodies. Many of us use apples to make pies, crisps, sauces, candies and jams. However, some of us do not know there are several different types of apples we can eat with all different types of flavors. Therefore, if you think you do not like apples, maybe you are just eating the wrong flavored apples for you. The types of apples that are out there are Rome, Gravenstrein, McIntosh, Gala, Golden delicious, Granny Smith, Winesap, Red delicious and Cortland.

Rome apples are from Rome, Ohio, and are good to use in apple pies, and crisp because it is firmer than most apples and develops a sweeter flavor during baking. Many people do not eat these apples raw because they have firm skin and flesh and a bitter taste rather than sweet. These apples are deep red in color with white specks and sometimes known as Rome Beauties.

Gravenstrein apples can be found in late July and early august in apple orchards and are excellent to eat freshly picked off the trees, but not for storing away since they tend to go bad fast. These apples are sweet and tart with a juicy crisp white flesh. The skins on these apples are red and green, but tender and soft unlike the Rome apples. These apples make tasty apples sauces when used right after picking. However, they do not make good apples pies and crisps because they tend to become mushy during baking.

McIntosh apples originated in Ontario, Canada, in 1870 by a farmer named John McIntosh. As you can see, the apples name comes from the farmer who developed them. These apples are the most popular in North America and used in apple pies, sauces, jams, crisps and candies. They can also be eaten as them are freshly picked from the trees because they are juicy and full of sweet and spiciness. McIntosh apples have red skins with green hints throughout them. These are the all purpose apples.

Gala apples originated in New Zealand in 1920 and have golden yellow skins with some red tints. They have very sweet flavor and typically taste best when ripe and eaten as they are. However, these apples blend well with other apples to make tasty pies, crisps, sauces and jams. Gala apples are perfect for making candy apples with because of their size, clean smooth tender skins and slight firmness.

Golden delicious apples are large with yellow soft skins. These apples have sweet and tender fleshes and taste best eaten off the trees. Golden delicious apples make good applesauce and butter, but they make poor pies and crisps because they tend to get mushy during baking. These apples originated in Clay, Country West Virginia in 1905.

Granny Smith apples have light green skins and firm crisp white fleshes. They are tart and sweet in flavor, which make them excellent for eating raw or in pies, sauces, crisps and jams. These apples originated in Australia in 1868 and named after Maria Ann Smith who started the apple seedling.

Winesap apples tend to be small and have deep red skins and spicy, tart wine like flavor. Typically, these apples do not taste good as they are, but make tasty apple ciders and gourmet sauces. These apples are very tough and the flesh is yellow in color instead of white. You can find these apples growing in North American and New Zealand apple orchards.

Red delicious apples are tall and thin, but still round with deep or bright red thick bitter skins. These apples have firm flesh that is, but sweet and tart flavoring. These apples taste best eaten freshly picked because they do not bake or cook well do to their firmness. You can find granny smith apples in late October in all American apple orchards because they are the signature apple of American.

The Cortland apples originated in Geneva, New York in 1898 and have red skins with hints of yellow and green throughout. They have sweet flavor with a hint of tartness. Cortland apples are tasty eaten as they are and in pies, crisps, sauces, jams and candies. They do hold their firmness, but their skins tend to become wrinkled if store in the cold too long.

Therefore, now you know what types of apples are out there to eat and use in cooking and baking recipes. Those of you who say you do not like apples might actually change your mind after finding one you do like. Who knows maybe you will even keep the doctor away eating a few now and again.

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great apple tidbits-I bet there is something to that old adage "an apple away keeps the doctor away", considering apples are a rich source of antioxidants.

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Nice work.Thanks...