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Red Wine Vinegar Health Benefits

Red wine vinegar is a popular ingredient for the cooking. But it is also famous for the medicinal properties. Acetic acid in red wine vinegar contributes in many important health benefits. Two major health benefits of red wine vinegar are heart health benefits and diabetes. Know more about red wine vinegar health benefits.

Red wine vinegar is used in culinary dishes and also considered as a health food. Red wine is very much well known for the heart health benefits. Red wine vinegar has the ability to improve the heart health as well. Besides heart health benefits, it can also provide several other health benefits. Red wine vinegar is a very good source of phytochemicals and high in acetic acid. Another good thing is that red wine vinegar is low in calories. In addition, it is also low in sodium and carbohydrates. Studies showed that regular use of red wine vinegar in culinary dishes or salads can improve the overall health significantly.

Red wine vinegar helps in the absorption of the minerals. According to the studies, red wine vinegar improves the absorption of calcium. It is possible because of the acetic acid in red wine vinegar. Eating dark green vegetables with red wine vinegar helps calcium absorption. Normally, oxalates compounds of dark green vegetables reduce the calcium absorption in the digestive tract. But acetic acid in red wine vinegar lowers the oxalates effects and increases the absorption of calcium mineral. Red wine vinegar is also considered as a good food for the weight loss. It is low in calories and carbohydrates. In addition, acetic acid in red wine helps to reduce the body fat.

According to the studies, red wine vinegar can be a good food for controlling diabetes. It’s very helpful to control insulin levels. Red wine vinegar is considered as a good food for the type 2 diabetes patients.  It reduces glycemic levels and postprandial glucose levels very effectively. Red wine vinegar is good for the heart health. It can reduce the cholesterol levels. It has the ability to lower the triglyceride levels as well. Like the apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar is also good for the cardiovascular health. Because of the anti-oxidant properties of red wine vinegar protect heart from heart disease. Red wine vinegar is also very good for controlling blood pressure levels and it is helpful in reducing the blood clots as well.

Red wine vinegar can be used as natural remedies for skin and hair. It can protect from sunburn damages and help to remove skin blemishes. Acetic acid is very effective to fight skin infection; it can really make the skin healthy. Consuming red wine vinegar and applying it externally, both can contribute to healthy skin.

Those are the health benefits of red wine vinegar and acetic acid in red wine vinegar. No doubt, it is good for the health but if you want to use it to treat serious health problems (such as diabetes and heart disease), you should consult healthcare professional before start consuming red wine vinegar.

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good article

Red wine contains Pycnogenol which is very beneficial for your health. For reference read this: