Pure Coconut Milk Benefits and Side Effects on Health
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Pure Coconut Milk Benefits and Side Effects on Health

Learn about the Pure Coconut Milk Benefits and Side Effects on Health. We should not only ask the question “What are the benefits of coconut milk?” but we should also consider the side effects that this organic milk could bring to our health if taken excessively. In fact, almost all things which are used and taken too much could lead to unnecessary side effects.

Coconut milk is made from flesh or meat of the ripe coconut fruit. It is a milky white liquid extracted from the coconut fruit. The good thing about this milk is most coconuts are grown without the use of fertilizers which means that this is the best organic milk that we should consider in our diet. Pure coconut milk is very popular in many cultures around the world. In fact, it has been used by several countries for their cuisine like West Indies, West Africa, Hawaii, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. This is because of its rich and delicious flavor.

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When it comes to the benefits of pure milk from coconut, the star of its components is the lauric acid which is similar to the milk of breastfeeding mothers. This organic milk contains 50% of fatty acid which is also lauric acid. Lauric acid increases the brain and bone development of our body and also acts as an anticancer and antiviral. Aside from the mentioned advantages of lauric acid to the body, it also boosts the body's immune system as well as acts as healthy substitutes for lactose intolerant patients because it is lactose free milk. But always consider both pure coconut milk benefits and side effects to maintain a healthy body.

There have been researches and reports that excessive intake of this natural milk can lead to various health conditions of the body because of its high content of saturated fats. These high saturated fats can lead to high cholesterol, weight gain and even allergic reaction for some. This is why it is good to know about both the pure coconut milk benefits and side effects to limit our intake of this milk. In fact, we should always be aware that anything used or taken excessively could have side effects.

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What are the Benefits of Coconut Milk?

  • Prevents the Development of Cancer - Pure milk from coconut contains high level of antioxidant properties which effective get rid of free radicals that cause cancer. Thus, this milk effectively prevents the early development of cancer diseases.
  • Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Protein - Pure milk from coconut is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as protein promoting proper nutrition and healthy diet for the body. It contains iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6. All these vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining our body's health. This is one of the pure coconut milk benefits and side effects will be discussed further below.
  • Increases the Production of Energy - Since this organic milk from coconut contains medium chain fatty acids, it is easily absorbed by the body and turns it into energy rather than fats. Pure milk from coconut fruit is beneficial to people who perform stressful and strenuous activities that need high energy.
  • Helps in Weight Loss Program - Pure coconut milk is not similar to other milk that contains too much fat. It contains fewer fats compared to cow's milk which are popular to us. In fact, this is much cheaper and almost similar to powdered cow's milk.
  • Prevents Manganese Deficiency - Lack of manganese or manganese deficiency can lead to some severe health conditions. These health problems caused by manganese deficiency could be prevented by including coconut milk in the patient's diet. This organic milk from coconut meat is rich in manganese similar to grains, legumes and nuts. It is very important to know both pure coconut milk benefits and side effects to limit our intake.
  • Maintains the Elasticity and Flexibility of the Skin and Blood Vessels - Copper and Vitamin C are known to increase the skin's elasticity and flexibility as well as for the skin. In addition, Vitamin C also increases the body's level of immunity against diseases. Pure milk from coconut is rich in both copper and Vitamin C thus promoting skin and blood vessel's elasticity and flexibility.
  • Strengthens Bones - Coconut milk also helps in strengthening our bones because of its phosphorus contents. Although it is not rich in calcium, phosphorus is also an essential mineral for strengthening bones.
  • Prevents Anemia - Anemia is a condition where the body is lack of hemoglobin that maintains the body's oxygen levels. Coconut milk is rich in iron thus preventing anemia disease and promotes the body's normal oxygen levels.
  • Helps in Lowering High Blood Pressure - It is very essential to have knowledge on both pure coconut milk benefits and side effects to balance our intake of this essential liquid. Sufficient intake of this milk can aid in lowering the body's blood pressure level. This is because of its rich in potassium content which is proven to lower and normalize the body's blood pressure. Remember that high blood pressure can trigger other severe complications such as heart diseases.
  • Maintains the Body's Immunity Level - Since pure coconut milk is rich in vitamin c, it is a very effective liquid for maintaining the body's immunity level thus preventing common diseases such as cough, cold, fever and flu.
  • Prevents Prostate Problems - Men should also consider the consumption of pure coconut milk to protect them from prostate cancer. This is because it is rich in zinc which is known to be effective in protecting men's reproductive health especially the prostate from cancer related diseases.

4 Coconut Milk Side Effects (If taken excessively)

  • High Cholesterol - Some researches proved that too much consumption of pure coconut milk can lead to the elevation of Lipoprotein in our body which also increases the risk of the body from high cholesterol. However, moderate consumption of pure milk from coconut could provide benefits to the body's health.
  • Allergic Reaction - It is necessary to our health to understand the pure coconut milk benefits and side effects. Too much consumption of pure coconut milk can lead to allergic reactions but this is only in rare cases. However, allergic reaction from pure milk of coconut could be life threatening especially if not treated well. Most people who have history of food allergies are at risks of allergic reaction.
  • Heart Diseases - Since excessive intake of natural pure milk, oil, or meat from coconut increases the body's risk having high cholesterol level, it also increases the body’s risks of developing cardiovascular or heart diseases. Basically, high cholesterol level of the body could potentially block the arteries thus causing several heart diseases.
  • Weight Gain - Although it has been mentioned before that it could help in weight loss program, it could also lead to weight gain when taken in excessive amount. This is because, this pure milk from coconut is a high source of calories which should be limited for people who want to lose weight.

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Those are the above mentioned pure coconut milk benefits and side effects on health. The coconut milk benefits can be obtained if taken in moderate but excessive intake of this could lead to several side effects on health. It is important to consider our consumption and as much as possible, only use it for adding flavor to dishes and not purely consumed as regular milk.

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I love coconut milk and the health benefits are simply great!

Very well explained and presented. Thank you.

I like coconut milk and coconut water, thanks for the related health info.

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I love vegetables cooked with coconut milk with lot of chilis, thanks Mark.