How to Make Healthy Choices at a Fast Food Restaurant
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How to Make Healthy Choices at a Fast Food Restaurant

In this article, I lay out strategies for making it out of fast-food restaurants with health food. Drive-thru dining can be very unhealthy, but with menu knowledge and a few guidelines, you can survive that unexpected dinner at your local burger joint. There are many ways to keep calories low when eating out, which can even lead to weight loss. This article will gave you the basics of eating healthy at fast-food restaurants.

Eating out at fast-food restaurants is usually a last second option. They're quick, convenient, and relatively cheap. However, if you do not make careful decisions eating out, you could find yourself consuming thousands of calories in one meal! Do not let this scare you into staying far away from eating at the local drive-thru, though. With a little bit of awareness of what is on the menu and the serving portions of the meals, you can turn fast-food eating into a healthy experience. 

One way to eat healthy at drive-thru restaurants it to look for the salads. Salads can be very filling and satisfying without putting a large dent into your calorie budget. The best fast-food salads come with grilled, not fried chicken, and low-fat dressing. However, be aware that ordering any salad does not automatically means it's healthy, because there are many salads that are extremely high in calories. Like the Taco Bell Chipolte Steak Salad, which runs around 900 calories and comes with an astonishing 57 grams of fat. Salads such as those are ones you will want to steer clear of. Instead of being tempted by the large and unneccesary salads, think simple. To keep calories low, order the most basic salad possible. Vegetables and grilled chicken are the keys in any fast-food salad. While crispy chicken, four different types of cheeses, and exotic dressings seem tasty, the toll it takes on your calorie allowance can be very drastic. One of the most filling and simple salads to go with would be McDonald's Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken. If you only use half of the packet of dressing (which should be more than plenty), it will only run you 370 calories. Salads are a great option for eating healthy at fast-food restaurants.

If salads just aren't something you find appetizing, do not worry. You can still keep your meal relatively healthy by opting for grilled chicken as a base instead of beef or fried chicken. A simple grilled chicken sandwich without mayo will only be 300-400 calories, depending on the restaurant. Not only does grilled chicken taste great, but it is a good soure of protein, which can help increase satiety. Be careful, though, because fried chicken is not a healthy alternative like its grilled counterpart. Choosing fried chicken over grilled can add 200 unwanted calories to your meal, so try to stick with grilled. Almost all fast-food restaurants offer grilled chicken meals, so opt for these if you are trying to eat healthy when eating out.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what main foods to avoid, let's talk about sides and drinks. Side orders such as french fries and onion rings are full of empty calories, so stay away from them at all costs. Ask your cashier if they offer apple slices or small side salads as a side, as these are very healthy alternatives to the fried foods. McDonald's fruit parfait and Burger King's apple fries are great alternative to greasy options, such as french fries. If you can not resist the urge to order the french fries, be smart about the serving size. Often times, the small sizes at restaurants are more than often to quell any urge for fried foods, so if you must order them, stick with the smallest serving sizes possible. Drinks are another quiet component of the calorie dangers at fast-food restaurants. A large Coca-Cola at McDonald's will run you 310 calories, which is almost the amount of calories a Mcdouble has! The wise choice with drinks is to stick with water, coffee, or diet drinks. If you are someone who is habituated to drinking a certain beverage, make sure you stick with the smallest serving size and do not allow yourself any refills. By keeping side order and drink portions small, you can make it out of the drive-thru without having to loosen up your belt.

Dining at a fast-food restaurant may seem unhealthy and unwise, but making smart choices can save yourself many calories and pounds. If you make smart decisions such as eating salads and grilled chicken, along with ordering water or coffee, you can survive the many dangers that fast-food eating comes with. By making health-conscious choices when eating out, you may find yourself feeling better about making that last minute run to your local drive-thru.

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Eating healthy through careful choices and planning is very essential to lead a disease-free lifestyle. Very well-writtena nd informative article Christopher..... Recommended.