Heart Disease: Bananas for Cardiovascular Health
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Heart Disease: Bananas for Cardiovascular Health

Heart Disease: Bananas for Cardiovascular Health. Health benefits of bananas. Bananas for heart health.

Bananas were first cultivated in Malaysia nearly four thousand years ago. Then they spread in India and Philippines. Today India, Brazil, China, Ecuador and Philippines are top five banana producing nations.

Bananas have many health benefits. Some of them are:

• It is good for the heart

• It is good for the nerves

• Bananas are good for bone health

• Bananas are good for kidneys

• Good for the immunity system

• It is a good food for the kids

• Bananas maintain proper blood sugar levels

• Protection from ulcers

• Good for the eyesight

• Bananas helps to alleviate the menstrual cramps

In addition, bananas are very good energy foods. It gives you energy and keeps you fresh all the day. Also, bananas keep you hydrated because of the electrolytes present in them.

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Bananas for Cardiovascular Health


It’s well known fact that bananas are rich in Potassium. Besides Potassium bananas provide many other nutrients. Nutrients list of the bananas are including Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin C, Dietary Fiber and Manganese. Therefore, bananas are very good health foods and have many health benefits. But how are bananas good for the cardiovascular health?

The reason of bananas are good for the heart is because of its Potassium contents. This creamy, fleshy and sweet fruit is an excellent source of Potassium. High content of Potassium is essential for good heart health. It is an essential mineral to maintain good blood pressure level and keep the heart in good shape. One of the benefits of Potassium is its ability of good muscle contraction. This is very important for normal pumping of the heart.

An average sized banana contains between 400 to 460 mg of Potassium. Experts tell us that a banana per day prevents high blood pressure and also protects against atherosclerosis. People who eat diets higher in Potassium, Magnesium and Fiber have reduced risk of stroke.

Bananas are good source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber improves the laxation or bowel movements. But fiber rich diet is also known for lowering the risk of coronary heart disease. Eat raw bananas as snacks, they are great for your heart.

Although bananas are very good but you should have it in moderation. Chitinases (digestive enzymes) in bananas can cause latex allergy. So if you are prone to latex allergy, you may likely to be allergic to bananas as well.


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Comments (4)

A very underrated and underestimated fruit.

Ranked #69 in Food & Nutrition

Another healthy advice for the benefits of bananas except just for the problem of pesticides among those we could buy from the market..

I like banana and have it everyday. xx

Excellent article.Bananas are comparatively cheaper too than the other fruits and available in all seasons which are added advantages.