From a smokeless fuel to a Texas County this is all about Coke.
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From a smokeless fuel to a Texas County this is all about Coke.

From a smokeless fuel to a Texas County this is all about Coke.

Coke the fuel, is the result of burning off the volatile components of coal, including water, coal-gas, and coal-tar these are driven off by baking in an airless furnace at temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Celsius. This fuses together the fixed carbon and residual ash the final product is coke.

It can be burned with little or no smoke and coke was one of the materials used in the heat shielding on NASA's Apollo program space vehicles.

Coke aka cocaine is also a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant, in this form it’s a stimulant, an appetite suppressant, and very addictive.

Coke is a county located on the Edwards Plateau in the U.S. state of Texas

Of the most well know people named Coke I found a list on Wikipedia

  • Lester Lloyd Coke , accused Jamaican drug lord
  • Christopher "Dudus" Coke (b. 1969), alleged drug lord in Jamaica
  • David Coke (1915–1941), a British pilot during World War II
  • Edward Coke (1552–1634), English entrepreneur and jurist
  • Edward Coke (1758–1837), a British politician and landowner
  • Edward Coke, 7th Earl of Leicester (born 1936), a British earl
  • Giles Coke, an English footballer
  • John Coke (1563–1644), an English politician
  • Peter Coke (1913–2008), a British actor, playwright and artist
  • Phil Coke, an American major league baseball pitcher
  • Richard Coke, an American lawyer, farmer, and statesman
  • Thomas Coke (bishop) (1747–1814), the first Methodist Bishop
  • Thomas Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester (seventh creation) (1754–1842), agricultural reformer.
  • Coke R. Stevenson (1888–1975), Governor of Texas from 1941 to 1947

But I want to talk about Coke or Coca-Cola it was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton just a little before Caleb Bradham Invented Pepsi cola in 1898, the Cola part of the name derives from the Cola acuminate plant a genus of tropical trees of the chocolate family, the fruit of the Kola plant is a nut and when dried it is used in the production of the popular soft drink called cola along with spice oils, and other aromatics, sometimes even the leaves are used in the mixture, Carmel colouring; sugar and other sweeteners.

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This is an ubiquitous brand affecting people's lives.

Great article, unique approach... love it. =)