Diabetic Friendly Dessert Recipes - Part 1
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Diabetic Friendly Dessert Recipes - Part 1

Diabetic friendly dessert recipes

Almost everyone likes a tasty dessert after an evening meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but a homemade dessert often goes well with a cup of coffee after dinner. This factoid will include two of my favorite dessert recipes. I made these desserts when my mother was alive. She was a Type 2 diabetic, so every dessert I made had to be diabetic friendly in order for my mom to enjoy them. Two of my recipes are featured below:

Diabetic friendly recipe for baked apples

You may be diabetic, but you don’t need to deprive yourself of decadent treats all the time. Many homemade desserts can be made or adjusted to be suitable for diabetics to eat. One of my mom’s favorite desserts was baked apples with cinnamon, sugar and raisins. Mom, being diabetic couldn’t have sugar, so I just did what I always did. I used alternative ways to sweeten the baked apples. I found a really tasty way to make diabetic friendly baked apples.

How to prepare diabetic friendly baked apples

Step 1. Wash however many apples that you want to bake and core them with an apple corer. Place the apples in a baking dish that is big enough to accommodate them. Stuff the apples with raisins.

Step 2. Pour a can of Diet Dr. Pepper in and around the apples in the baking dish.

Step 3. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake the apples for 30 minutes or until they are done. Check the apples every 10 minutes and baste them with the Diet Dr. Pepper that is in the pan. You don’t need to cover the apples at all while they are baking. Keep them uncovered so you can baste them.

Step 4. When the baked apples are done, remove them from the oven. Baste them once more with the Diet Dr. Pepper.

Serve the diabetic friendly baked apples on a saucer with some sugar free vanilla ice cream if you like. This is still one of my favorites.

Diabetic friendly recipe for banana cream pie

One of my family’s favorite desserts is banana cream pie. When I was growing up my dad made his banana cream pies from scratch. I don’t make my pies from scratch, but I still like to call them almost homemade. This recipe for diabetic friendly banana cream pie is very simple to follow.

How to prepare diabetic friendly banana cream pie:

Step1. You will need an already made pie crust. You can make your own, but Pillsbury makes a great pie crust that is very easy to use. Or you can buy a pie crust that is already in a pie plate and all you have to do is bake it. Poke some holes in the pie crust before baking it so the crust will lie down flat on the pie plate. Bake the pie crust according to the directions on the package.

Step 2. Prepare 1 large box of sugar free banana or vanilla pudding. I prefer the kind you cook, but you can also use the instant kind.

Step 3. Cut up 2 ripe bananas and fold into the pudding when it is ready to be put into the crust. Then spoon the pudding and banana mixture into the pie crust.

Step 4. Top with sugar free whipped cream. You can make your own by whipping up heavy cream with a little sugar substitute and vanilla, or you can buy a sugar free whipped topping. I like to use sugar free Cool Whip.

Apply the topping when you are ready to eat the pie. Depending on the type of whipped topping you use, some whipped toppings don’t hold up for very long, so it is best to put the topping on when you are ready to eat the pie.

Hope you enjoy these diabetic friendly dessert recipes.

Photo credit: Morguefile(.com)

To be continued.


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Keep these coming Charlene. I need them because my wife loves her deserts and she is a diabetic.