Blackberries and Their Nutrients
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Blackberries and Their Nutrients

Blackberries are not only tasty to eat, but they contain many health benefits.

Many people believe the blackberry is a berry, but the fact of the matter is it is not. Blackberries are actually aggregate fruit, which means they are fruits with individual plumped drupelets that resemble the appearance of a berry. Blackberries are edible and are in fact loaded with potent nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

The Appearances and Taste of Blackberries

Blackberries are deep purplish black in color and resemble a raspberry, but they are much plumper and juicier and twice the size of a raspberry. These fruits are also very sweet, tart, and do contain tiny seeds in each plump drupelet, which you will notice when you go to eat one of them.

Where Do Blackberries Grow

Most blackberries are typically found growing in the wild off woody shoots with prickly thorns, white blossoms and green oval leaves in mid summer. These shoots are also known as bramble bushes and grow about 10 feet tall. Places you will find them growing are North America, British Isles, Europe and South America along trails in the woods, near the edges of field and in shaded areas in the woodlands. However, be careful when you come across a blackberry bush because sometimes poison ivy, oak and sumac like to grow where it grows. There is nothing worse than coming in contact with those shiny oily leaves and getting a rash. So, make sure you look around the blackberries bushes before eating any of the blackberries off them.

When Are Blackberries Harvested

Blackberries are harvested in the mid to late summer early fall in the early morning before the heat when the fruits are the plumpest and deepest in color. The fruits are best to pick right from the bushes and eaten as they are or used to make syrups, jams, jellies, sauces and pies. The leaves of the blackberry bushes are useful for making tasty blackberry teas as well.

Potent Nutrients in Blackberries

The potent nutrients in blackberries are vitamins C, E and K, copper, manganese, fiber and pectin. There are also potent antioxidants in called anthocyanins and polyphenol. These two antioxidants are useful to help fight off and destroy free radical cells in the body. Blackberries also contain a natural analgesic in them that help relieve pain such as headaches and backaches.

Health Benefits of Eating Blackberries

Those of you who are trying to slow down the aging process will benefit from eating blackberries because their potent nutrients will do just that. If you looking to boost your immune system to help fight off an illness such as the cold or flu munching down on a few fresh blackberries will do just the trick due to the high content of potent nutrients in them that support the immune system. Eating a couple handfuls of blackberries each day during blackberry season might also help you ward off different types of cancers and disease such as colon cancer, heart disease, lung cancer, skin cancer, arthritis and asthma.


Here some more good news about blackberries that cause no side effects so eat all you want. However, some people do have allergies to this fruit so for those people its best simply not to eat them.

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I love all berries. Nice work here Elise.

I love blackberries! This is good to know. Voted up!