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The edible fruit of this tropical tree, native to parts of the Upper Amazon, is included in the diet of many indigenous people and is also a mainstay of the Amazon red squirrel. Commonly known as wild mango, sanchamangue, piton or sancha mango (botanical name Grias neubertii), the fruit and bark are used in traditional medicine. Wild mango is a good source of antioxidants from food for those who live in or near the Amazon rainforest.
Published by Peter Bilton 67 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +49 votes | 19 comments
Sunflower seeds are a popular healthy snack food, but more importantly the source of sunflower oil. The oil produced from sunflower seeds is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals such as potassium. Sunflower seeds were probably first cultivated in Mexico.
Published by Peter Bilton 71 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +43 votes | 23 comments
This article is about the tropical fruit known as ice cream bean, botanical name Inga edulis mart. The ice cream bean tree has long been utilized by Amazonian indigenous tribes, from Brazil to Colombia, as a important source of food, fuel, shelter and medication. The fruit of Inga edulis species is highly nutritious and a source antioxidant rich flavonoids.
Published by Peter Bilton 68 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +41 votes | 19 comments
Is Salt Really that bad for Health? How much salt are fast food manufacturers putting in their products?
Published by Aunty Ann 79 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +40 votes | 22 comments
Vegetarians might not get enough omega-3 in their diet. Here are some ways vegetarians can get plenty of omega-3 from plant foods.
Published by Sam Montana 83 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +40 votes | 14 comments
Sweet chestnuts (Castanea spp.) were once the only source of food for many people in southern Europe during the winter months. Chestnuts are highly nutritious, being a source of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.
Published by Peter Bilton 73 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +38 votes | 15 comments
Cultivated for over 2000 years, the walnut tree produces an edible fruit nowadays primarily valued for food but formerly also used to produce dyes and medicines. Although there are about 15 species of walnut the most common varieties are the English walnut, black walnut and the butternut or white walnut. This tree nut is low in saturated fat, high in fiber and protein. It is also a source of antioxidant rich phytochemicals.
Published by Peter Bilton 70 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +37 votes | 10 comments
King crab legs are an easy seafood to cook that is low in calories. Alaska King Crab have a thicker, sharper shell than the snow crab legs have and have a sweet taste to the meat.
Published by cee 77 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +36 votes | 17 comments
Choosing the Right Cereal and Maximizing its Benefits
Published by Athena Goodlight 89 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +35 votes | 4 comments
Corn on the cob are rows of kernels with silk and husks over the kernels. The kernels are a sweet corn with great nutrition facts that can be cooked on the stove or put on the grill.
Published by cee 78 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +33 votes | 20 comments
Aguaje or Mauritia flexuosa is an extremely nutritious fruit that originates from the Amazon rainforest. Aguaje contains an unusually high amount of beta carotene or vitamin A, and according to the legends of some indigenous tribes, has the ability to increase a womanÂ’s breast size.
Published by Peter Bilton 79 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +33 votes | 7 comments
Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is the edible fruit of a tropical lowland tree that is native to central and western regions of the Amazon Basin. This tropical fruit of the Myrtle family, related to feijoa, jaboticaba and clove, makes a tasty, slightly sour, juice that is packed with vitamin C. In fact, camu camu contains more vitamin C than any other plant; up to 30 times more than any citrus fruit.
Published by Peter Bilton 69 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +32 votes | 18 comments
About true cardamon (Elettaria cardamomum) and false cardamon (Amomun). The history of cardamon, gastronomical uses and nutrition, including minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals .
Published by Peter Bilton 73 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +32 votes | 11 comments
The USDA first began research studies on the relationship between agriculture and human nutrition in the year 1890s and W.O. Atwater was the first director of the office of Experimental Stations. The work he did a century ago has strong impact and influence on how we define nutrition today. Aside from studying the distinctive American diet, Atwater published tables of listing the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, calories, minerals and nutrients of different kinds of foodstuffs.
Published by Ron Siojo 70 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +31 votes | 18 comments
Almonds are one of the most versatile foods available and also the most nutritious. Almonds are a cholesterol lowering food and source of antioxidants. Almond milk aids digestion and relieves heartburn.
Published by Peter Bilton 72 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +30 votes | 12 comments
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