5 Nutritional Health Benefits of String Beans
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5 Nutritional Health Benefits of String Beans

Learn about the 5 Nutritional Health Benefits of String Beans. These beans may not be popular to us but the truth is it could give several benefits to the body's health. These are the vegetables that should not be missed in our daily diet. Both yellow beans and green beans are nutritious for the body. It is good to include beans as a side dish in our diet.

String beans are not so popular to many and most children hate eating these types of vegetables. But, these are nutritious which contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients important for the body's health especially young kids’. Yellow and green beans are both beneficial only differ from external appearances. Some people ask, the question “Can you eat raw string beans?”, the answer is yes since most people even make a salad out of these healthy legumes and it is more nutritious.


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String beans are members of legume family when we talk about vegetables. These are usually picked while still green and consumed as raw (in salads) or cooked (in main dishes). These healthy legumes also have fibers and pods which are usually removed since these are hard to chew and digest. Yellow beans VS green beans don’t have any difference since these vegetables are both beneficial to health. The best way to store green beans is refrigerate it while still fresh. However, it is still healthier to eat it fresh after harvesting because the complete nutrients are still present.

Nutritional Health Benefits of String Beans

Dietary Fiber

String beans are also good sources of dietary fiber particularly soluble fiber which have essential roles in controlling the body's glucose and high cholesterol levels. It also help the body to effectively eliminate toxins and other harmful wastes which could cause colon cancer. Fibers also improve the overall functioning of the body's digestive system.

Vitamins A, B, C and E

These legumes are rich in vitamins particularly Vitamins A, B, C and E which are all essential not just in preventing common diseases but also maintaining the body's health. This is indeed one of the best Nutritional Health Benefits of String Beans.


Yellow and green beans also contain complex carbohydrates essential for natural build up of energy to be used for our body's daily activities. These complex proteins play significant roles in the efficient absorption of vitamins and minerals for the body.


String beans are rich in protein and these are one of the best natural protein supplements for people who want to build muscles. These contain higher content of protein compared to other protein rich vegetables available in the market. It is not necessary to spend too much in buying chemically made protein supplements, just include these vegetables in the daily diet.


Yellow and green beans are rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium. These have their own roles in preventing diseases and maintaining healthy body. Calcium plays significant roles in increasing the bone density of the body thus strengthening the overall structure of the bones and prevents bone related conditions. The rich iron content of this healthy vegetable are essential for the effective prevention of blood deficiencies such as anemia.

Other diseases that could be possibly prevented from regularly eating this vegetable are asthma, heart diseases, high blood pressure, inflammation and even fatigue. Those are the 5 Nutritional Health Benefits of String Beans. We should be very aware of our health since there are many diseases which can cause by our unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

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