10 Health Benefits of Bananas
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10 Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas have a lot of health benefits, but we are aware of only very few. Shall we take a look at the health benefits of banana? These benefits include bowel regulation, reduce stress, heart diseases, depression, menstrual pains, anemia, increase in brain power. Know more health benefits of banana here...

Have you watched tennis? If yes, you must have definitely seen some tennis players eating bananas when they get a break; do you know why they take bananas when there are lots of other fruits available? It is because bananas contain high amount of carbohydrates that will help the players to get the energy they require to play the match. We shall look at more health benefits of bananas.

1. Bananas regulate the bowel system: Are you suffering from constipation? The best solution to constipation is eating a banana a day. This is one of the major health benefits of bananas. Bananas are rich in fiber that helps in regulating the bowel functions.

2. Bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure: You might be surprised to hear this health benefit of bananas; yes, bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases as well as lowers blood pressure levels. How? Bananas are rich in potassium, which is very vital for the muscle contraction and proper functioning of the heart and nervous system. Do you know how much of potassium is required a day? It is just 4g and you get this by eating a banana. Isn’t this health benefit of banana amazing?

3. Bananas reduce depression: Tryptophan acids are present in bananas and these help in reducing depression and thereby improve your mood. Studies show that bananas are also helpful in reducing stress levels. In this age of stress, this health benefit of banana is truly great.

4. Eat bananas for healthy bones: What do you require for healthy bones? One requires calcium for healthy bones, am I right? Probiotic bacteria help in absorbing calcium and increasing the digestive ability. This helpful bacterium is present in bananas. Green bananas are especially helpful in absorbing calcium.

5. Reduce menstrual pains with bananas: Do you get menstrual pains? Majority of the women folk take pills to reduce menstrual pains. Rather taking these pain killers eat a banana. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 that helps in regulating blood glucose levels. This helps in balancing your overall mood and hence reduces menstrual pains. I found this health benefit of banana very useful. How about you?

6. Bananas help ulcer patients: Another major health benefit of bananas is their capability of fighting intestinal disorders. Eating a raw banana reduces irritation in the stomach and reduces the effect of over acidity.

7. Bananas and anemia: Bananas are not only rich in potassium but also rich in iron; therefore, eating a banana increases iron and thereby high hemoglobin. When hemoglobin content is increased, naturally anemic conditions decreases. Forgot those pills for anemia and take a banana. Wow…yet another amazing health benefit of banana.

8. Quit smoking by eating bananas: Another amazing health benefit of banana is that it helps people who wish to quit smoking. Smokers have a high level of nicotine; minerals in banana like potassium and magnesium and vitamins B6 and B12 help in reducing nicotine. Smokers, take a note of this and quit smoking by taking bananas.

9. Bananas increase brain power: A survey was conducted very recently among 200 students at a school in Middlesex. They were given bananas along with their normal diet for their breakfast, break and lunch. Research proved that potassium in bananas helped to increase their mental alertness and boost brain power. Remember this health benefit of banana and make your child eat a banana everyday to score high in studies.

10. Reduce itching of mosquito bites with bananas: What do you normally do when there is an itching or swelling due to mosquito bites? We go in for creams that reduce itching and swelling. Rather using these creams, use banana peels. Rub the itching or swelling area with the inside of banana peels and see for yourself how soon you get relief from mosquito bite itching or swelling.

With these health benefits of bananas, I am sure everybody will now start to grab bananas and there will be acute shortage of bananas.

Source: University of Maryland Medical Center, University of Kansas Medical Center, NIH Office of Dietary Supplements

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Comments (34)

Wow, I knew banana's were good for you but I never knew just how good I guess! Guess I'm going to have to start eating more banana's and incorporating them in my diet more often. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches, yummy! :)

It is also known as the sunshine fruit :)

Great informative article. Bananas are also good in banana cream pie, but that's probably not the healthiest way to eat them!

I don't know about all this but I know I love them. My favorite fruit, yummy. It's a good thing they have so many healthful benefits. 5*

Bananas are my favorite fruit. For once I like something that is really healthy for you.

I didn't know bananas have so many health benefits. Time to start eating bananas. It is the favorite food of monkeys. This proofs monkeys are smart animals, they know about the health benefits.

That's a great list of uses for a banana. Thanks for the share.

Great tips. I love bananas. In fact I eat bananas every day because of the benefits that it gives to me. Thanks for sharing.

excellent share friend

Ranked #27 in Food & Nutrition

Great article ...

Very informative... I was thinking of writing an article of the same subject but you did it really well! Very good share. :)


That was really interesting. I didn't know all those facts. Thanks for sharing this information.

Thanks for sharing; I prefer natural remedies; good information.

Very interesting. Voted up

Excellent facts. i never knew about Bananas reducing menstrual pains. I should tell this to my partner. thanks a lot


Wow! I'm such of bananas but I did not all these benefits. Thanks alot!

Ranked #13 in Food & Nutrition

Amazing how beneficial the humble banana is! Lovely to see you here ;-) I'm new.


nice information

thank you a lot !!

gift emecheta

thanks for the information being shared, i just ate banana not quite long, so i decided to ask google wat this banana does only to find out that i has so many functions. thanks


ya the information of banana is too good for health.

when i see this information i can not belive that how the banana is impotenet for health and it's lots of benifit

Ahmd tofael

This benefit info about banana will encourage us to take banana daily.

A couple of comments on the health benefits of bananas from personal experience, mentioned as listed in the article: 1. Bowel regulation Constipation is not the only ailment for which bananas are a good treatment. On the other end of the spectrum, bananas can also be used to stop diarrhea, but only if combined with cooked rice. A mixture of banana and rice will stop diarrhea. Bananas alone won't do it, and rice alone won't, either; but combined, they will. 2. Bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure: In addition to potassium, bananas also contain phosphorous, which is another electrolyte needed by the human body. I have eaten a banana a day for more than 25 years to control arrhythmia--double beats of the heart caused by rheumatic heart condition or by low electrolytes. I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Condition years ago and prescribed quinadine 4 times a day to keep the arrhythmia under control. The side effects and eventual result of using quinadine so frequently is renal shutdown--kidney failure. I knew that there had to be a safer alternative. After researching how quinadine worked (that was before home computers or the Internet existed), I realized that it essentially worked as an electrolyte in a similar way to how potassium and phosphorous work together. Seeking foods that might contain substantial levels of phosphorous and potassium, I learned that bananas filled the bill. I began eating a banana a day and discontinued using the quinadine. To my delight, I have not had another arrhythmia, except during this year's heat wave here in the South. To compensate for lost electrolytes due to perspiring, I ate two bananas each day and the arrhythmia stopped. In conjunction with bananas, I now eat foods high in antioxidants to hopefully boost the effects of the bananas. 8. Quit smoking by eating bananas: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I smoke. As a smoker and heavy user of bananas, I'm here to tell you that bananas do not reduce a smoker's desire to smoke. I smoke a pipe and natural tobacco that contains no added nicotine or other "enhancements" like cigarettes do, and it is processed using potable alcohol, not the denatured alcohol like cigarettes. On the other hand, I only smoke the equivalent of 8 to 10 cigarettes per day. [No, the arrhythmia was NOT caused by smoking. I had Rubella when I was a kid (long before there was a vaccine for it). I suspect that the arrhythmia was actually caused more by working in a hot shop and not taking electrolyte supplements to compensate for the loss of electrolytes than from Rheumatic Heart Condition.]

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i think this benefits are for ripe bananas. what about the raw cooked bananas

Tufail Ahmad

Have banana daily,will keep you away from the doctor.


i hate eating banana, but anyway this article is really informative.

Thanks a lot!!!

we love bananas a lot.. we don't run out of banana on the dining table. if ever there's no more left, it's immediately replenished. really yummy! many health benefits and rich specifically rich in vitamins and minerals.. http://factoidz.com/ten-favorite-wedding-flowers/

Bananas can be used to treat mosquito bites? Good to know. I am also glad to learn about their impact on depression and heart disease.

I love bananas, thanks for this info! : )

Banana have iron which is helpful for our health and fitness.


Very good to know information about bananas.

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Perhaps one of the most important things you missed out here is that bananas are a calorie dense food, and the natural sugars, potassium and calories content of bananas provide an energy boost, which is why you always see athletes such as tennis players at Wimbledon like you mentioned, eating bananas during matches. This is in addition to the carbs they contain so I am not disputing that :) Potassium also helps muscles to recover when they are being worked, so they are an ideal workout food.