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9 Most Repulsive Dishes That People Can Eat

There are many strange dishes that are popular on other continents. Can you think that there are people who eat worms? Here are some of the most popular dishes, which contain worms or insects. Contrary to appearances, also in Europe, you can find such disgusting food. Have you heard of Casu Marzu?

1) Beondegi. Boiled silkworm larvae. Delicacy of Korean cuisine. Literally it is mean "chrysalis" or "pupa" in Korean. This can be bought from a street vendor, also in the can. Koreans treat it as a snack (Such a small bag of crisps)

Beondegi - Korean dish.

2) Maguey worm. Fried worm larvae, which is caterpillars of a butterfly commonly named "tequila giant skipper," Aegiale hesperiaris. Mexican delicacy. You can buy that even in supermarkt.

Chinicuiles for sale at a Mexican market.

3) KamaroDish of insects living underground mole cricket family. Served in the Philippines, the province Papamga. Below, video of the victim.

4) EscamoleIn appearance similar to the blown-rufous, but in reality they are the ant eggs. It is steamed and served with vegetables and spices. Often this is in addition to tacos. This is a Mexican dish, but the ant eggs are eaten in Asia.


5) Betute Tugak. Frog, stuffed with pork meat.  Philippines, the province Papamga (yes, the same as Kamaro)

Betute Tugak

6) TamilokTamilok shellfish, like a long worm. It feeds on wood. It can be eaten raw, or if you prefer a sour pickle. Its taste has been compared to milk and even oysters. Palawan and Aklan in the Philippines (Again).

7) Glaces Leeches are a delicacy in China.


8) Locusts. It is sometimes fried or grilledIt is a real delicacy, valued primarily for nutritional value. This is eaten in South-east Asia and in Africa.

Locusts feeding

9) Casu Marzu. Cheese made ??from goat's milk in SardiniaA characteristic feature is that it contains within itself the larvae of flies. Of course they are alive. In addition itcan jump to a height of up to 15 centimeters. (Similarly, if you do not bite all the larvae, then later you can have bloody diarrhea)

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Comments (8)

Eeeeeh! No thanks...I'll pass. Nicely executed, though. Voted

You know they say that unless we get the human population under control we will be forced to eat bugs since there wont be much land left for grazing cattle, personally I try to eat many vegetarian meals per week if I can.

Bugs and worms are delicacy in some region here in my country.

Ranked #99 in Food & Nutrition

In my country, in some regions is preparing soup with duck blood. Even my grandmother is doing it, but I just can not eat.

Delicious article. Thank you Faarasi. Please write more. Our friendship and support will help us both. I have added as my friend.

Ranked #99 in Food & Nutrition

Thank you Paulose!

Thank you Faarasi. Would like you to add me as your friend

Thank you again for friendship and support.